Ivan Sergeev: “We are a team and we are in this together”

The Zenit striker’s words after the Cup win against Akhmat.

Ivan Sergeev: “We are a team and we are in this together”

Ivan, what happened in the first 20 minutes of the match? Why did you concede two goals?

“We started badly, and sometimes luck wasn’t on our side as well, so the opponent was using our mistakes against us. Although it’s nice that we were able to change the game in our favor and take the lead before halftime. Without a doubt it was upsetting to concede in the second half, we also had chances that we didn’t finish, but luckily Aleksandr Vasyutin saved two penalties at the end. I guess the game turned out to be the way it was.”

Your goal celebrations were quite humble, but when the team scored the third one, almost everyone joined you and you all had a special celebration. What was it dedicated to?

“Mateo scored the third goal, and Aleksey Sutormin had an addition to the family recently, so we congratulated him this way.”

What is less emotionally draining, taking part in the penalty shootout or watching it?

“It feels the same on and off the pitch. We are a team and we are in this together. The most important part is that we won today.”

The Cup matches are quite tough for the team. Is there any difference in your motivation for the Cup and league matches?

“Our motivation is the same for all games, it’s just that the Cup is the Cup and those matches are always full of surprises. I think today we played a pure Cup game with many goals and a penalty shootout at the end.”

We’ve never seen you without your beard. If the team wins all three trophies this season, would you shave it?

“If we win all three trophies? No, I’m still not going to shave it, but I will think of something special for sure. I might dye it gold, although I’m not going to promise anything!”