Ivan Sergeev: "We didn’t take our chances and were unlucky"

The Zenit striker spoke to us after the defeat to Lokomotiv. 
Ivan Sergeev: "We didn’t take our chances and were unlucky"

What are your thoughts on the game?

It was bad, we lost 2-1. 

What happened at the end? Why did Zenit concede at the end?

When it was 1-1, we didn’t take our chances and we were unlucky. We were ahead, but we made mistakes that led to goals. We will look at this and analyze things, but for now it’s a mess in our heads. 

Did Lokomotiv get better in the second half or was it Zenit slipping?

We were attacking more and they were mostly playing on the counterattack. I wouldn't say that we got worse anywhere. There was some bad luck for us and today is just a bad result for us. 

There was a scuffle at the end, and you were involved, what happened there?

There was an incident where Wendel got hit on purpose and a very strong coming together began, I stood up for him and these are the emotions you get in football. 

Dzyuba approached you at the final whistle, what did he say to you?

Nothing. I wished him luck, everything’s fine.  

Do you think this game was important to him?

Of course, he was very motivated for the game, he played here for a long time. Unfortunately, the result did not go our way. 

Do you understand why the fans whistled at him?

To be honest, this is his issue and not mine.