Sergei Semak: "Our aim is to win more than we lose"

The Zenit manager spoke to the media ahead of the away game with Orenburg. 
Sergei Semak: "Our aim is to win more than we lose"

You’ve said before that after a win, preparing for the next games is a nice experience, but how is it after defeats?

It's OK. Defeats are part of our work and it’s not possible to always win. Our aim is to win more than we lose.  

Was there a team discussion after the game with Lokomotiv?

We have one after every game, whether that’s a win or a loss, we always review the match and that match was no exception. We look at our mistakes and try to understand why we lost, and where and in what we should improve.

You’ve dropped 10 points out of 27 possible, does this give you cause for concern?

We will think, but it’s not catastrophic. Before the start of the season, everyone said it was going to be a difficult season and that the other sides have caught us up. This is a difficult season for us and our job is to do what we have to do, and then we’ll see how the season goes. 

Is there anything similar with the two home defeats to Dynamo and Lokomotiv, other than the two late goals conceded?

From a football point of view, they were different matches. We played worse than our best in the first half against Dynamo, but played well in the second half. Agsinst Lokomotiv, it similar, maybe we played a little better in the second half than in the first, but, unfortunately, the number of chances how well we played didn’t show in the result. We deserved a different result, but this happens in sport, and quite often.

You’re conceding more this season than in previous seasons, what’s the problem?

It depends on which seasons you’re comparing it with, compared to our best season? Then yes, to our worst, then we have conceded less. We’ve been worse in some areas than in previous seasons, and in others we’ve remained at the same level. I don't see much difference.

The game will start at midday St. Petersburg time. It's been a long time since Zenit had such an early kick off. Could this be a problem?

Of course, the early start of the match is inconvenient for both the players and the fans. However, the conditions are the same for both sides so we will play the game as is.

Orenburg’s squad includes some players Zenit fans will know, Mikhailov, Adamov, Khotulev and Kaplenko. Are you watching their performances?

Yes, we are watching them. When preparing for matches against teams, we have more of a chance to look at the players. With the exception of Mikhailov, who just move there, all the others have played quite a few matches.  

Mikhail Kerzhakov is missing from training, why is this?

There is no Mikhail Kerzhakov or Slava Karavaev today. Andrey Mostovoy is only in partial training and is a doubt for the match. Kerzhakov and Karavaev have some issues and are also both doubts.

How is Andrey Mostovoy’s recovery from injury progressing?

He had been training with the team, but he’s not 100% ready yet, he has a varied training workload, some training sessions with the team, and some individually. We want him in a good condition and 100% ready.