Sergei Semak: "Any conceded goal is the result of a defensive error"

The Zenit manager spoke to the media after the 2-1 friendly defeat to Neftchi. 
Sergei Semak: "Any conceded goal is the result of a defensive error"

Tell us what you thought of the game. Can you highlight any positive moments even though you lost?

We needed this game so we could take a look at our players and evaluate their match fitness, and we got that, and that's the most important thing today. It's a shame that Mantuan got injured, but otherwise it was a good friendly game.

Did it seem like a friendly or more like a competitive game for you today?

I think no sportsman ever wants to lose, and the game turned out to be quite competitive, there were a lot of tackles, and we even got some time wasting as everyone wanted to win, and that’s natural. Today Neftchi had better luck. .

How did you find the trip to Baku in general. Did you manage to do anything other than prepare for the match?

We managed to have a short walk around the city, it’s very beautiful. It was a good trip, as during the international break it’s a good opportunity to try out those players who do not get on the pitch that often and a chance for young players.

Were Neftchi’s goals today because of individual skill from Mirzov or defensive errors?

Every goal comes from a player’s skill more or less, and any conceded goal is the result of a defensive error, and today's goals are no exception. On the one hand, it was good play by Mirzov, but on the other hand, our defenders did not do as well as they should.

Danil Krugovoy started on the left, and Alexey Sutormin was on the right. In the middle of the first half they swapped sides, returning to their usual positions, can you comment on this?

We tried to see who can play in what position. Perhaps we will need this one day, so we decided to try it out.

Before the game, you were speaking warmly to Adrian Mutu, head coach of Neftchi. When and where did you become friends?

We are not friends, but colleagues, so we understand each other’s job and that brings us closer together. I know Adrian as a great football player, we wished each other good luck today and in future matches.

How serious is Mantuan’s injury? What happened to him?

It’s probably an injury and we'll see how serious it is, and how long his rehabilitation will take. This is a big pain for us.