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Wilmar Barrios: "Our aim is to be 100% ready for next Saturday"

We spoke to the midfielder about the Copa America, the game with Crvena Zvezda and next week's Super Cup game. 
Wilmar Barrios: "Our aim is to be 100% ready for next Saturday"

The training camp is almost over, how has it been for you and how are you feeling?

Everything has been good, and now we’re starting to prepare for the Super Cup. We are training well and the friendly matches have helped us get into our best physical state. We want to be at our best on the 13th July. We have to get in shape and also get our new teammates used to our style of play and for everyone to understand their role in our game plan, and to get this, we need both matches and daily hard work in training. Everything is going as planned and we are picking up the pace, getting stronger. Games help a lot with this and our aim is to be 100% ready for next Saturday, and we’re working hard to achieve this. 

You’ve played one half in each of our two matches so far. Are you ready for a full 90 minutes?

To be honest, I am not 100% ready yet, but friendly matches are a good way to get into shape, they are matches with intensity, but overall they are still different from official matches. So I think I’ll only be 100% ready after the first official matches this season. Our job is simply to get in the best possible physical fitness and be ready to win the Super Cup. Our aim is to win this trophy.

Congratulations to the Colombian team on reaching the semi-finals of the Copa America. Have your watched any of it or the Euro Champs?

Of course, I try to watch the matches, although they start quite late, at 1am, but I try to watch. I watch all the Colombia matches and I really hope the guys will reach the final. Now they have a tough game against Uruguay. I support the team with all my heart and hope they have enough strength, energy and enthusiasm to reach the final and I hope the Copa America will be Colombia’s!