Sergei Semak: "The condition of the players is more important than the result"

We spoke to the Zenit manager after the conclusion of the Winline Summer Cup.
Sergei Semak: "The condition of the players is more important than the result"

Give us your thoughts on the game with Crvena Zvezda please.

The first half was good and I liked both our movement and the quality of our game. We created chances and could have scored more. The second half was different, with less quality in our play. Many of the guys who played in the morning’s training game came on as substitutes and this wasn’t ideal. The main thing is that everyone is fit and uninjured, and although its sad to lose, it’s not terrible. The condition of the players is more important than the result. 

Is everyone ready to play 90 minutes now? How has the training camp affected the way the team has played at the tournament?

Not everyone is ready to play 90 minutes, as some missed some parts of training, so we have to be careful with some of the guys playing time. Some will get more, and some less. But overall, most of the players are ready to play 90 minutes. Now we'll have a rest and then get ready for the Super Cup match.

This was the final match of the Winline Summer Cup for Zenit. How would you rate the tournament overall?

It’s been a good tournament with good matches. They were all quite competitive and the matches were interesting. It’s been a very good opportunity to get the match practice we needed. 

Have the new signings got used to the team yet and how have they integrated into the team?

It's been easier for some, harder for others. Everyone needs to be given more playing time to get used to things, and more time in training. We've been training for twelve days only and that’s not enough, so as the season progresses, we'll continue to work hard and get used to the things in the league as the lads integrate into the team.

What are your plans before the Super Cup? Will you have a rest?

We only have four days until the Super Cup match, so we'll recover tomorrow. Then we will have almost two or three more days of training as we get in good shape for the match.