Yohan Mollo: "I hope to achieve great things with Zenit and to win things in European football"

Zenit's new French midfield maestro spoke to the club on his move to St. Petersburg
I am very happy to be here, being at such a great club is the dream of every footballer, today I'm here and I've worked very hard to get here. Being at this club really means something to me. In football I have a lot of aims and my journey has just begun. I hope to achieve great things with Zenit and to win things in European football. 

Did you consult with anyone before the move? 

It was very important for me that the coach knew who I am and that he wanted me here. Its important that both sides, the club and I, wanted this move. 

There's a photo of you on Instagram in a Zenit shirt, what's the story behind this? 

Oh sure I know this photo. When I played matches against big teams, against such players as Hulk, it's an opportunity to show what I can do against good sides. It was a good opportunity and a great gift for my family. 

In the two matches you played against Zenit at the Petrovsky you got 4 assists, was playing against Zenit special for you? 

Yes, there is a special spirit with the team, with our team! I have a style of play that seems to do well against stronger teams and I want to prove that even more. When playing against the best, I'm more motivated. 

Where in attack do you prefer to play, on the wings or through the middle? 

I think that to name the place where I prefer to play, would be a mistake. I will play wherever the coach and the team need me. I love to have the ball as much as possible. It all depends on what style of play the manager wants. If he wants me to use my speed or my ball control. When I was at Krylia we played with five defenders, I didn't use my technique as much. With a new coach, I can use all of my abilities. 

You have been in Russia for one and a half years and you speak Russian quite well, how have you done it? 

I want to speak Russian and it is very important to me. Every day I try to learn something new, but it is not easy. I think people like it if you speak the native language. 

Have you got your shirt number yet? 
Yes, 24. 

You know that was Garay's number and he was a World Cup finalist, should we be expecting performances as good as his from you? 

It's a good opportunity for me and I'm ready for it.