Rules for accreditation


Accreditation for Zenit home matches

To be accredited for Zenit home matches in the SOGAZ Russian Premier League and Russian Cup, journalists must send the following documents to the club’s press service:

  • a request for accreditation on the publication’s letterhead, with the company stamp and signature of the head editor;
  • a completed personal application (Download an accreditation application form);
  • a photograph (3×4 cm, on a white background, as an electronic file);
  • for photographers — five personal publications (photographs with the author’s name) over the past six months about FC Zenit (in printed form or with the link to the photograph`s address for publications in the Internet).

Attention! In accordance with the Regulations of the SOGAZ Russian Premier League for accreditation for mass media working in television or the Internet is given ONLY by the broadcasting company showing the match.

Please send your accreditation request and completed personal application to Zenit`s press-service fax: + 7 (812) 244-88-88 or by e-mail to

Quotas for accreditation

The following quotas are set for accreditation for the mass media:

  • broadcasting companies: 1 seat in the press box;
  • from federal and regional printed publications which have a regular football column: 1 correspondent and 1 photographer;
  • from informational agencies: 1 journalist, 1 photographer;
  • from electronic media: 1 journalist, 1 photographer;
  • from specialized media: 1 correspondent and 1 photographer.

Please note that the number of photographer accreditations (access area 1 — the arena) is limited.

Correspondents of television groups are placed in the press box.

Please note that accreditation for UEFA Champions league matches are provided separately. Please follow our website for more information.

In the case that you need a one-time accreditation to a match, we ask you to please send your request by e-mail to the address: Requests for accreditation to individual matches must be sent no later than two days before the match.

Accreditation badges

Accredited journalists are given an accreditation badge which confirms the journalist’s accreditation at home matches of FC Zenit. The accreditation badge gives the right to go to Petrovsky Stadium and to be in the according accessibility zone during football matches.

Access zones

  • For photographers: access zone 1 (arena). Gives the right to be in a vest during the match behind the goal of one of the teams.
  • For television groups: access zone 6 (roof). Gives the right to be in a vest during the match on the roof over the VIP stands.
  • For television commentators: access zone 5 (commentator’s box). Gives the right to be in the commentator’s box during the match.
  • For journalists of print and electronic media: PC (Press-Center), MZ (Mixed Zone), PB (Press Box). Gives the right to be in the press box and in the mixed zone.

Refusal/Loss of accreditation

The FC Zenit press-service keeps the right to refuse accreditation in the following instances:

  • in the case that the journalist violates the rules for applying for accreditation;
  • if the journalist is fired from his or her job (in that case the publication has the right to accredit a different journalist);
  • if the publication ceases to be published;
  • in the case that the journalist spreads information that brings harm or violates the rights of FC Zenit and its employees, as decided by a court;
  • in the case that the publication stops reporting on the sporting life of St. Petersburg and football;
  • when violating the rules for visiting Petrovsky Stadium and the «Access Zone» during a match, as well as the rules of behavior in the press-center.

The FC Zenit press service asks you to be attentive and polite.