Приложение ФК «Зенит»



Become a player

Как стать игроком

Become a player

From 5 to 9

There are 15 branches of the academy located in different parts of the city and around the Leningrad and Pskov regions, there is also one branch in Bashkortostan, near the Ural mountains. Education in these branches starts at ages five to nine years old. Selection in the branches takes place every September, while the direct selection is not carried out in the Academy itself. Also, every week in the branches are open workouts, which can reach anyone. Schedule can be found in the section you are interested in a branch.

— Bright manifest themselves in the school branch and a year later, in the six years to get the first set of the Academy group. Once in the office in five years, young players throughout the year are trained under the supervision of trainers and breeders school blue-white-blue, and then the best players on the basis of views become involved in the Academy.

— Diligently engaged in the branches, well manifest itself in the branch tournaments and gaining skills. Football talents are revealed at once and can appear at any stage of development, so the Academy of breeders follow the progress of the children during their training in the branches, and go to school, they can start at any time.