Luciano Spalletti: “We started really well”

Zenit`s head coach commented on Zenit`s victory over AEK, described Hubocan`s play on the right vs. the left of the defense, and was very surprised to find there were no more questions from the press.

– We started the match very well, – Luciano Spalletti said. – My players took the game where they wanted it to go from the very start, and were rewarded for it. We played in the right rhythm for all 90 minutes. We played much better before the final result had been decided. But once we achieved our result, when we should have played in a lighter, more simple manner, we relaxed. I think there`s no reason to give up goals so often.

– Which player do you like more: Tomas Hubocan the left back, or Tomas Hubocan the right back?

– Hubocan needs to keep improving. Both as a right and as a left back. (Smiles.)