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Zenit’s international fans
Zenit doesn’t only have a large following in Russia but has fans all over the world! A survey made by the German sports marketing company Sport + Markt has shown that Zenit is the most popular Russian club in Europe. According to the survey, Zenit has 23.9 million fans, this puts Zenit in fifth place on the list of the twenty most popular football clubs in all of Europe! We have a number of fan clubs, groups and web pages all over the world which show their support for the blue-white-sky blues, here are some of our international supporters groups;

Zenit fans around the globe
Twitter — @ZenitFansATG
Zenit Fans Around The Globe was created by a Brazilian Zenit fan, Rafael Sanches in order to find an international arena for Zenit fans all over the world. No matter of their religion, ethnic background or nationality. Over the past four years we have gathered over 2000 members from around 45 countries. The administrators of the site are Rafael Sanches from Brazil, Chris Pascone from the USA, John Cohen from the USA, Marco Antonio Folha Viela from Portugal and Valera Patotski from Norway.

Zenit Polska
Zenit’s Polish fan page has almost 2500 fans, it is one of the largest fan groups outside of Russia and is run by Dominik Kozieł and Marcin Stachowski. Started in 2012 after falling in love with Zenit’s after the UEFA cup triumph the fan page has everything you need to know about Zenit in Polish, the Polish page gives frequent updates on all the activities of the blue-white-sky blues, match updates and fan information.

Zenit Italia
Official Blog http://it.fc-zenit.ru/
The Zenit Italian group has more than 300 followers and was founded in the summer of 2013 by three Italian super fans of Zenit, Alberto Farinone, Michael Braga and Luca Comito. They work hard to publicise Zenit in their country and around the Italian speaking world. St. Petersburg has always been a dream for Alberto, Michael and Luca and they are very familiar with the city of the Tsars and of course with the Petrovskiy Stadium too. Zenit is their passion and they believe in the blue-white -sky blues! The boys also run an Italian website dedicated to Russian football http://calciorusso.forumfree.it/

Zenit Deutschland
Official blog — http://de.fc-zenit.ru/
Twitter — @fczenit_de
Also started in 2013 and has nearly 4000 fans. Run by Kirill Spichak, Harald Rupprechter, John Reppschläger, Peter Burger and Michael Furman the team in Germany help to make Zenit the most popular Russian team in their homeland.

Zenit Espana
Official blog — http://es.fc-zenit.ru/
Zenit’s Spanish fan group has almost 800 fans. Started in 2013 by Сarlos Guerrero Victor Ortiz and Svetlana Sudarikova in Valladolid, Spain the team aim to give our Spanish speaking fans all the latest Zenit news and action in their native language.

Zenit Japan
Twitter — @zenitjapan
Has 370 fans and Yoshiki Kato from Toyko runs the page, a former student of Russian who studied in the northern capital, he feel in love with Zenit and started the account because he wanted to inform Japanese football fans about Zenit the city of St. Petersburg, the stadium, the great fans, and the atmosphere at Zenit matches.

Zenit em Português
Official blog — http://pt.fc-zenit.ru/
Marco Viela and Rafael Sanches run the Zenit Portuguese site and have more than 2000 fans. Started in June 2012 as a way to keep Portuguese fans informed on all matters Zenit, their popularity has of course been helped by Zenit’s Portuguese contingent.

Zenit Indonesia
Twitter — @fczenit_id
Has over 300 fans and is run by Yudi Marthadinata in Jakarta and has been active since 2012. Tweeting in English and Indonesian Zenit Indonesia gives updates and information on Zenit and Russian football in general.

Zenit Fan Club Serbia

Zenit Greece