Missions and values

Миссия и ценности

Our mission

Zenit Football Club represents the city of St. Petersburg, from which we take our identity, both on the pitch and in our social activities outside the stadium. We promote the traditions and charisma of legendary St. Petersburg, a cultural center of international significance to the whole world. We give people the best there is in modern Russia.

Our goal

To fill people’s hearts with pride, to fill people’s lives with strong emotions.

Our values

To inspire

We inspire others to become part of an unforgettable city and an incomparable football show.

Focus on development

We develop youth talent and implement the most advanced coaching and training experience in order to make the best for our club and our country.

Be unique

We stay true to our traditions and express unique ideas. We value our individuality and are different from the rest.

We’re open to new experiences

We give people new, exciting opportunities to enjoy life, be part of a community, and be themselves.

Be strong in spirit

We set ourselves a high bar and never give up, no matter what.