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Пресс-служба ФК «Зенит»

There is of course great interest in Zenit from football journalists and fans alike, so it`s extremely important to report on all the events happening within the club. The press center at the Petrovsky Stadium has a capacity for one hundred journalists and media representatives. Dozens of photographers are accredited to attend each match and the number of television cameras at each match is also in the dozens. Zenit is a club that really deserves to be proud of its fans, and does everything possible so that the supporters of the blue-white-sky blues can be in the know about everything happening within the club.

Zenit regularly holds press conferences, open practices, briefings, video conferences, and teleconferences with the team’s players and coaches and people with accreditation to Zenit matches can also attend these additional events if the event announcement doesn’t say differently.

Announcements of all team events which are open to the mass media are published on the Zenit website. To visit events, media representatives must adhere to the documents published in the Press Work Zone.

Announcements of events for fans, such as open team practices, meetings with the players and online interviews are also regularly published in the Fans section of this site or via our other media outkets.

FC Zenit Press Center
197198, St. Petersburg, Russia, 16/2-А, Dobrolyubova Pr.
Telephone: (812) 244-8888, fax: (812) 244-8888

Anton Makarenko
Head of the Press Service
Press attaché for FC Zenit