Aleksandar Lukovic: “You win the championship by playing well”

The blue-white-sky blue defender, who came to Zenit just several months ago, noted that he felt the team`s spirit immediately.


– Honestly, I felt that my partners and I could achieve a lot already at the first practice together, – smiles Lukovic. – Right now Zenit is in a good position, and I hope that we`ll be champion. We still have several matches ahead, and it`s too early to say that we`ve already secured first place. But we will absolutely do everything we can to become champions as soon as possible. To celebrate our title in the next game, against our main opponent, playing at home… that would be awesome! We`ll play two-hundred percent to win Wednesday`s match.

– What will the match against CSKA be like?

– It will be tough, just like any match against a team like them. But it will be much easier for us psychologically, since our opponent has to win to have any chance of catching us. But I think that our home stadium will give us better chances for three points and won`t allow the guests to have any hope of winning the league. We need to play smartly and simply, so that our opponent can`t find any weaknesses.

– So you don`t think it`s a good idea to rest a little on Wednesday, and then, on Sunday…

– (Interrupting.) Come on! We all want to beat CSKA. Why should we wait for the next match to do what we can do already in this match?