Miguel Danny: “I’m going to work till the end of my contract”

The winter, which hit St. Petersburg so unexpectedly this week, has already played with the nerves of millions of Petersburg citizens and… three of our Portuguese footballers. The Zenit players Danny, Bruno Alves and Fernando Meira had a no less incredible time beating Spain in their last friendly match. Danny told "Sport" newspaper about the long road to Russia, as well as about his motivation for the remaining matches of the season and about his career prospects.

— It turned out that Fernando and Bruno and I came late to the airport, or to be more precise, check-in was already over when we arrived, — said the Zenit playmaker. — So in the end we had to fly from Munich through Moscow to Petersburg. We came to Petersburg at 8 in the morning, and here we found out that we can’t get around the city. We had just enough time to go home and change, and then went right to the practice facility.

— You’ve said more than once that you love St. Petersburg. How do you like the Northern Capital now?
— The cold is awful! I don’t even want to talk about it. But the snow has its own charm. I admire the Neva just as much now as in the summertime.

— Zenit is finishing the season. Is it hard to find motivation?
— We need to keep our status, that’s what our motivation is not just in every match, but in every episode of every match. We have to thank Mister Spalletti for the trust that he puts in us, but we haven’t felt quite the same happiness that the fans feel yet.

— Can you comment on the rumors that Manchester United wants to buy you?
— I’ve only heard about that from you now. That sounds nice, but what can I say about it? I have a contract with Zenit for another 1.5 years, and I’m going to do everything possible to fulfill my contract to the end and achieve the goals that we want to achieve. I’m happy here, and we’ll see what happens.