Alexander Kerzhakov: “We missed our chances”

Zenit`s forward explained after the match vs. Basel that the result was decided to a large extent in the first match, and said that it was harder to create than to destroy on this night at Petrovsky.
Alexander Kerzhakov: “We missed our chances”

— How frustrating was it to lose after a match like that? Can we call this the most disappointing defeat in your career?
— We missed our chances ourselves. The match in Basel decided everything ahead of time to some extent. The two goals we gave up there were the deciders. Today`s match showed that we could have come back, and we had our opportunities. They were very good opportunities too.

— Were you surprised by the play of Basel`s fullbacks?
— It`s easier to destroy than to create on a pitch like this. We had our chances, but we were missing the last pass. The pitch was hard, and tough, but both teams had the same conditions. Again, it`s easier to destroy on a pitch like that, especially when you have a two goal lead.

— Luciano Spalletti said that the players on the pitch made the decision who should take the penalty.
— Roman Shirokov took them in preseason matches. So he had to take it here too.