Mircea Lucescu: "I am very enthusiastic and I can't wait to get to work!"

The first interview with the new trainer of the blue-white-sky blues.
Being the coach at Zenit is a great honour for me. We talked a lot back when I worked at Shakhtar and I know the potential of this team, I know the fans know what they want from Zenit and their football, to achieve success in Europe. I remember how Tymoshchuk went away to St. Petersburg, and I always enjoy watching him for his new team. It was very nice, when Zenit won the championship title with him in 2007 and then the European trophies. And we believe that we can achieve this.

Zenit has everything I need for the job. We had a very professional meeting with the leadership of the club, I looked at the new stadium and Zenit has great potential. Unfortunately I haven't met the players yet, but there is still time.

And, of course there's Saint Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I hope that together we can fulfil the dreams of the fans to achieve success and victory! I am enthusiastic and waiting for when I can get to work.

When will you come to St. Petersburg?

I think at the beginning of June. Now I'm going to the Champions League final and after that I'll come and get started. A few days before we start will be the medicals for the team.

You probably know the team. What can you say about it? Want at Zenit needs to be changed?

First, I have to meet with the players, get to know and understand their ambitions, motivations, desires and dreams to win in Russia and Europe. Zenit have very strong players, but I do not want to start with criticism. I want to develop the team and the result depends on our joint work. I have to learn all their strengths and knowledge and help the young players. I like working with young people. They have the enthusiasm and the desire to try hard.

What would you like to say to the Zenit fans?

I hope that I will become the Manager for them, because everything we do, we do it for the fans. Without them, there isn't a good team. And I want to be sure that they will take to me. They have to trust the players to trust the club, to trust all of us and I want to assure them that we will give everything to make them happy.