Luis Neto: "The moment went so quick, but I think it was a goal"

The Portuguese defender on the controversial defeat in Perm. 
Луиш Нету: «Все произошло быстро, но думаю, что мы забили чистый гол»
What do you think about the game and the incident early on that you were involved with in front of goal, was it a goal or not?

I think I was inside the goal, I tried not to touch the ball as I thought I might be offside, but the moment went so quick and when I jumped the ball hit me. I think it was a goal.

What do you think about the ref's decisions and not to give a penalty to Dzyuba?

I think when you play offside and with this kind of referees anything can happen. You see these one or two decisions all game. You see the decisions go just to one side. The goalkeeper was time wasting, he only gave the yellow in the second half. A lot of falling down, then there were those key mistakes. Like with Dzyuba, when the goalkeeper touched the ball and re-started the match and Dzyuba scored. There are always some strange decisions with the referees. Even though we are a big team we deserve respect. They speak to us like they are kings and the guys in control. They talk with us with a bad impression. I know that Zenit are a strong team and everyone wants to beat us, but there are limits. We foreigners, we’ve been here for a number of years and we can feel this, we know the championship and its not the way to treat a team like Zenit.