Mauricio: "Today we earned a very difficult three points"

The Brazilian midfielder on the home win against Krasnodar.
Маурисио: «Сегодня мы набрали очень сложные три очка»
Zenit were playing at the new stadium and now the team are back at the Petrovsky. Did it feel comfortable today? 

I have not played in the new stadium yet, so it's hard to say something about the quality of the pitch, but today it was good. 

In the first half Zenit played well, but not the team were so good in the second half. What was the reason? 

Krasnodar are a very strong team, who have good players and to play against them is always difficult. But I would not say that in the second half we played bad, but they often attacked us because they had to score. I think today we have to be congratulated on the fact that we earned a very difficult three points. 

What is the mood now was in the dressing room? Happy with the win or upset because CSKA scored three points? 

We are trying to focus on our game and our results, and not on the results of the other teams. If it turns out that we get into the Champions League, we will be happy, but in any case we need to look only at our game. 

Today you were close to scoring the second goal. Can you remember the incident? 

Today I had a few chances. Unfortunately, I could not finsih them, but the game was difficult for me. I really have not played in the last eight or nine games I have not played a minute. I had to adapt very quickly today, but I hope that in the future I'm going to play more. 

How do you feel about the rumours that the manager might leave in the summer? 

This question should be asked to the club management. My job is to go out on the pitch, play and help the team.