Александр Кокорин: «Если получится забить 35, будем только рады»
Was the time difference a problem?
In fact, I only slept a little. The flight was great, as are our conditions, the hotel, the food, everything is super. The pitch was changed to a better quality grass. So it wasn't hard, just we didn't sleep much. 

Mancini said Kokorin and Dzyuba should score 35 goals in a season. Can you get there?
We will try to do it. We have to score, because results largely depend on strikers. We have not set ourselves a target for the season, but we understand that we need to score in every game. If I manage to score 35, I will be happy. 

Did the long flight affect you?
It was only hard to fall asleep. We all started to fall asleep, when it was already six in the morning here. The time difference, of course, affected us, but not too much. 

Is it good that this game is over? 

Yes, Mr Mancini said that our main task was to take the three points. We have completed the task and now we will prepare for the other matches. 

Did Kuzayev rescue the team? 

Yes, It was a good time to score. Without it I do not know what would be next.