Roberto Mancini: "I am happy with how we did"

The Zenit manager spoke about the win in Khabarovsk, Kuzayev's debut goal and the atmosphere at the match. 
Роберто Манчини: «Доволен тем, что у нас все получилось»
How did the flight affect the team? 

It was a little hard, but overall it was fine. 

Were you surprised by the home side today?

We knew that Khabarovsk would always fight, they are a well-coordinated strong team. The game was not easy, so I'm happy with each of the players and the fact that today we have all did well. 

How were the home fans? 

Yes, they were great. And, of course, well done our fans who attended the match. 

How do you rate their team's performance in the second-half? 

I think they have a good team. They have big prospects this season. Overall, the team is very strong. 

How important is it to start the season with a win? 

Yes, of course, to start with a win is very important. We did not play not so many games during the preseason, so we go into the season with a win is good for us. 

How was the condition of the pitch? 

The pitch was quite good, but the first match on a new pitch is always difficult, so once a few more games are played it will be in the right state. 

Why was Yerokhin taken off for the second half? 

Because I knew that Daler Kuzyayev would score.