Anton Zabolotny: "Mancini's words showed me that I’ve made the right decision"

The first interview with the newest blue-white-sky blue player.
Антон Заболотный: «Слова Манчини еще раз подчеркивают, что я принял верное решение»
Anton, congratulates on your move to Zenit. How do you feel?

Everything is perfect. My family are happy and I plan to have a good rest and start working with Zenit after the New Year.

When did you know about the Zenit transfer?

I personally found out about this before the last round of the Russian championship, before that, the club heads were negotiating.

Did you make this decision alone or did someone advise you on the move?

I got a lot of advice and I made the decision together with my family, but the final decision was mine.

Have you discussed anything with the Zenit players?

To be honest, I have not discussed this topic with any of them. Until the very last moment everything was a secret until we finish the football year. I wanted to calmly and independently think over the move.

Roberto Mancini said: "Zabolotny is a good player" are you pleased with these words?

Of course, he is a very cool manager. When a man of this level says good things about you, it's nice and it motivates you. Mancini's words showed me that I’ve made the right decision

You were with the Russian national team at Stadium St. Petersburg for the match with Spain. How did you like the arena? 

It’s a great arena. At the moment it’s the best stadium in Russia. I will be very happy to play there.

What are your plans now? Will you go on holiday?

Together with my family we will take a holiday. When we return, I will prepare for the rest of the season.