Emiliano Rigoni: "It will be my first trip to Dubai"

The Argentina international on his return after the winter break.
Эмилиано Ригони: «В Дубае побываю впервые»
How was your time-off?

Great. I finally got to spend a lot of time with my family. My son and I had some good time together. And unlike St. Petersburg it was hot (laughs).   
What's your son's name? 

Giovanni. I must say, he's a very beautiful and fast-growing boy. We are just happy that he appeared in our lives. He's everything to us.There are friends there I hadn't seen too and my wife, almost the entire period of pregnancy, she was away from me. It was hard for both of us. But now everything is fine and we have such a wonderful baby. 

This is your first time having a medical in St. Petersburg with Zenit. Have you noticed anything different? 

The main difference from having a medical in Argentina is the time it takes, it's much slower. But we just have to get through these things calmly. This is also part of the job. 

The team is leaving for Dubai tomorrow. Have you ever been there? 

This will be the first time and I don't know much about this country.  So I'm very excited to be going there. I think the training camps will be excellent and playing in good weather in a wonderful atmosphere. 

The first official match in the new year will be against Celtic in the Europa League. What do you know about them?

Winning every match is the goal for Zenit. Now it's time for the playoffs and we have to be serious. As for the opponent, it's better to think about yourself, not about them. Of course, it is important who is in front of you, but first we must be ready to win and to have the right concentration. We will try to go as far as possible in this competition.