Branislav Ivanovich: "We hope Mammana is back soon"

The Zenit defender on the match with Rostov.
Branislav Ivanovich: "We hope Mammana is back soon"
Firstly, We hope Mammana is back soon. I hope he will quickly recover and return to the team. As for the match, it turned out to be tough, as it always is away to Rostov. It's hard when we do not score too. 

Did the pitch affect the course of the game? It seems that it was not in the best condition. 

Yes, the pitch was not very good and it was visible for all to see. It didn't help of course, but the pitch was the same for all 22 players and we tried to get used to it. I think we could have done better and tried our best to score and this is vital in such matches. It did not happen, but we will continue to work. 

Will the injury to Mammana be aa problem?

Yes, we will have to restructure. We are generally well-functioning defensively, as we don't concede many. 

How to assess the situation in the league? 

We must regather and win the next match. We do not have enough confidence, we've lost it a little. But we will return with a win. We need to keep positive and look forward.