Roberto Mancini: "We had to win it"

The blue-white-sky blue manager on the draw in Tula, Dzyuba's performance and Skrobotov's substitution.
Roberto Mancini: "We had to win it"
Was it more convenient to play against Arsenal than other clubs? 

Indeed, the game was open, for the most part I liked it and Arsenal played well, they are a strong team and they played well today. Of course, we had to win it we had to score one more. 

Shatov and Dzyuba have both scored against you now. Did you make a mistake letting them go?

I'm happy for Oleg and Artem. I'm glad that they both scored. but I don't believe a player should pay out of his own pocket for the opportunity to play against his parent club. He is a Zenit player and in about 20 days he will return to the club. So it was strange that he paid. Also my opinion cannot be changed by one goal. 

After the last game Skrobotov was a hero but today you subbed him early. Is his star career over?

You are limited to what you see beyond your nose. We should be happy that there is a Russian guy who is 17 years old, who is very talented and who plays in the Premier League. You, Russians, should be glad that there was a promising guy who can get into the Russian national team. In today's match I replaced him solely to change tactics.