Miha Mevlja: "We will work hard and use all our energy to prepare for the new season"

The Zenit defender on the upcoming Gazprom Training Camp.
Miha Mevlja: "We will work hard and use all our energy to prepare for the new season"
Miha, welcome back to St. Petersburg! Long time no see, how was your break?
My holiday wasn't as long as some of the other guys, because I was with my national team. In fact, I've only had two weeks off. I went to Slovenia with my family, had a rest and then went to join my national team. We played one match and then I was back with my family and together we had a holiday in Croatia. It's nearby. It nice there: the sea, the sun, the family, the rest. Now I am here. 

Is Slovenia good at this time of year? 

At this time of year it's definitely good! It's very nice, sunny, warm, everyone is walking around and spending time outdoors, sunbathing, going to the mountains.

Did you allow yourself any forbidden pleasures during the break? Maybe some kind of naughty food? 

No, nothing like that - maybe a couple of extra slices  of pizza, nothing more. But after such a long season, that's absolutely fine, you have to relax on holiday, restart your body, in order to approach the new season in the best condition. 

Today you are having your medicals. Which test is the most difficult? 

Oh, that's definitely the bicycle! Although it's not that complicated as others. All the other tests the doctors just check you, but with that one you have a little work to do! 

How long does it take? 

Fifteen minutes, somewhere like that!

Tomorrow you will fly out to the Gazprom Training Camp. are you looking forward to it? 

Yes, tomorrow we fly to Austria and with a new coach, I feel exceptionally positive. The team will change a bit, some will leave, someone will join us, but in general this is an excellent opportunity for the coach to get to know us all better. We will work hard and prepare for the new season.