Javier Ribalta: "I want us all to feel the emotions of victory"

The first interview with our new blue-white-sky blue Sporting Director.
Javier Ribalta: "I want us all to feel the emotions of victory"
Javier, welcome to St. Petersburg and congratulations on your appointment. We know you from your work at Juventus and Manchester United, can you tell us about your time there? 

Thank you very much for the welcome I've received here. Yes, I've been working in football for many years and spent a long time at Juventus and have worked with other Italian clubs, Novara and Torino. I also spent last year at Manchester United, after many years at Juventus I decided to go there for a challenge . When this proposal from Zenit came I have no doubts, because Zenit is really a very big name and a very large club. 

There are many stories about your successes. Can you briefly tell us about the most high-profile transfers you've been involved in?

I do not like to think like that, because it would not have been possible without the team I had working with me, but there were some memorable names. If we are talking about Juventus, we had Morata, Khedira, Alex Sandro and many other players. But, as I said, it's not quite fair to say this, because many other people were involved in the processes, not only me. 

Let's move on to Zenit. How has the job been described to you as? What are you going to be doing?

The Sporting Director has a lot of responsibilities, such as searching for new players, overseeing the work of the academy and getting the reserves in order. We will keep looking for players who can strengthen Zenit, but I want to give special attention to the club's academy. 

What do you know about the Zenit first team? We understand today's your first day at the club but we'd still like to know.

I've already had the opportunity to meet the team and watched our first match of the season. I can say that we have a strong team, but even so there are always opportunities and the potential for things to improve and I'm sure we will do this. To answer the question I'm already familiar with the squad. 

When will you have the chance to sit down with Sergei Semak?

I think that this is a question not for the immediate future. We will have the opportunity to meet up and discuss how we can work together and support each other. 

We know that you speak several languages. How is your Russian? 

So far, I'm limited to words like "thank you" and other simple phrases, so I need to start learning. 

Are planning to learn Russian

Oh sure. 

Let's talk a little about the World Cup. Did you manage to get to the World Cup with your work? 

Yes, I was in St.Petersburg for the Brazil v Costa Rica match, it was a very good game. 

Do you like St.Petersburg? 

I've only been here for a couple of days, but the city looks great, it's beautiful, I love it!

We have a tradition at the club, in your first interview you can tell the fans your aims and wants. 

I am very happy that I have become part of such a club. I have seen the victorious photos that adorn the Zenit offices and I want the club to be able to feel these emotions once again. Come on Zenit!