Branislav Ivanovich: "We don't have time to let our heads drop"

The Zenit defender on the defeat in Minsk.
Branislav Ivanovich: "We don't have time to let our heads drop"
Branislav, can you explain what happened? 

There is an explanation, firstly, Dinamo deserved the win, they played well from the first to the last minute. The defeat was big, but not the worst we've had. 

Why did Zenit not turn up? Did you underestimate the opponent? Or did Dinamo just play very well and Zenit badly? 

There are many reasons, but we will not discuss it now. We don't have time to let our heads drop, in three days we have a very important game and we need to prepare for this game.

In your opinion, is there even the slightest chance of reaching the next stage?

Miracles do happen in football. Not that often, but they do happen. We must hope and do everything we can to win. After this match it's hard to say anything, but we must fight to the end and everything is possible. Today there was one plus, our fans. It's a pity that they will not be able to support us at home, but we will try to do our best for them. Because what they saw today was shameful for all of us. 

Did you like the stadium and the atmosphere in Belarus? 

The atmosphere was good and everything was fine. When Zenit plays, there is always a hot atmosphere in the stadium. 

Is it similar to the atmosphere at top matches in Russia?

It is very difficult to answer this question, I was on the pitch and did not pay attention to the stands, but we could hear the fans the whole ninety minutes. Especially, the Zenit fans.