Andrey Lunev: "First place is nice, but we have work to do"

The Zenit goalkeeper on the home win over FC Kopenhagen.
Andrey Lunev: "First place is nice, but we have work to do"
Andrey, congratulations on your win! Did you know Bordeaux beat Slavia and so Zenit are guarantee first place in the group? 

Yes, a dickie-bird told me. This is good. 

First place in the league at the half-way point of the season and first place in the Europa League. Was this expected in June? 

We have two more games ahead of us the need our full attention. It's a shame that we went out of the Cup and aren't still in that. First place in the Europa League is good and what we were aiming for. The fact that we are in the first place in the league is also nice, but we have work to do. There is more to be done and we need to strengthen our position.

What do you prefer playing with, three, four or five defenders? 

This is the coach's decision, but my job is always the same, to catch the ball and keep a clean sheet, so it doesn't matter to me how many defenders. 

Why were the matches against FC Copenhagen so different? In the first match, they were in control, but today they seemed tired. 

It didn't seem like it to me, they pressed us and we weren't so active today, but we fought back and won, that's the main thing.  

There are three matches before the winter break. How do you feel?  

I'm fine.