Branislav Ivanovic: “We will play much better at home”

The Serbian defender on the game in Istanbul.
Branislav Ivanovic: “We will play much better at home”
Did Fenerbahce surprise you today?
We were initially prepared for the fact that Fenerbahce are a strong side. They controlled the game for the first 20 minutes, but then we started to get it, I think that if we had scored the penalty, everything would have been different. But It's OK, we still have a great chance. The first game after the break is always very difficult. We continue on and see. 

Was it a hard game physically or mentally? 

There was no problems mentally at all, the problem was physical and with our confidence within the team. At the beginning of the match, a lot of our passing was uncertain and not accurate. Then we got used to the game and returned to playing football and showing good movement. 100%, at home we will play much better.

You've had training games together and today you had the first official match with Rakitskyi, how was it? 

Today we played well, I spoke about it just yesterday. We've had several matches together at the training camp and now we will only improve both in defence and attack.