The Euro 2020 mascot Skillzy visited the Gazprom Academy

Alexander Kerzhakov, one of the Euro 2020 ambassadors introduced Skillzy to the students of the Zenit Academy.
The Euro 2020 mascot Skillzy visited the Gazprom Academy
The Zenit and Russian legend, Alexander Kerzhakov, one of the St. Petersburg ambassadors for Euro 2020, introduced Skillzy to the youngest students of the Academy, as well as its branch in the Kalininsky district. 

After talking with the players, Alexander Kerzhakov answered questions from journalists. 

Why doesn't Skillzy talk?

Because he has a lot of secrets, he's got to keep them to himself.

What responsibilities do you have as an ambassador for the 2020 European Championship?

The responsibilities are less than I had during the 2018 World Cup. During that tournament, I had to speak about what a wonderful city we have, how beautiful a stadium it is and what great fans we've got. But after the World Cup, everyone already knows about St. Petersburg and everyone loves it. Now my main task is to talk on behalf of Skillzy. I know he is pleased with everything and most importantly pleased with me. 

What does Skillzy eat? 

Football tricks. The more football tricks, the more strength and energy he has. 

You and Skillzy today visited Palace Square, the metro and the Faberge Museum. Has he already told you what he thinks about everything in sign language?

What impressions could the mascot of the 2020 European Championship have when visiting the most beautiful host city? Only happiness!

What did he say about the Zenit Stadium? 

Only "wow" and that we have "the best stadium in the world!" What more can you say about it? 

Does Skillzy have anyone helping him? 

UEFA have announced a competition so that Skillzy will have two assistants from each Euro 2020 city-organiser. His official assistants can be anyone who is 18 or over  and to become one, you need to send to the UEFA website a video of you showing your skills. After that, a popular vote will choose the two winners.

Do you want to be an assistant to Skillzy?

I'm thinking about it, but I've seen some of the applicants and understand that I definitely would not win. 

Do you think that the city is ready to host the tournament? 

We've been ready since 2017. 

The European Championship will be held from 12 June to 12 July 2020 in 12 European cities, including St. Petersburg. The Gazprom Arena will host three group stage matches and a quarterfinal.