Progress report on the new stadium on Krestovsky and the pitch going in

As the construction process continues, we will see the pitch laid, the construction of the indoor stadium facilities, the fan access areas, the restoration of the historic areas, as well as the decoration of outside of the stadium.
В конце мая на стадионе на Крестовском острове начнется посев газона
According to a press release from ETS-SPb company, more than 85% of the work has been completed. Within the bowl of the arena the dismantling of the plant plates, used for heavy cranes has been completed and by the first half of June, on the future site of the pitch will be laid the rails for the withdrawable pitch. 

The moving platform will be electric with air cushions on the rails under the platform. This has only become possible due to the unique engineering solutions from the St. Petersburg building firm. In fact, grandstand G, which will be located under the field-span bridge is about 100 meters long. Inside it will be over 9000 supporting ropes. This design, created with high strength, can withstand heavy loads. It is also expected that the agro-technical plan will start in late May, ​that being the main part of grass for the lawn being prepared.

The plan is that in September the stadium will hold a test match with the retractable pitch, sliding roof and the interior in the sports area ready.

Progress report on the building work so far: 

Concrete work - 99% 
Metal fixed roof - 100%
Coverage fixed roof - 65% 
Metal withdrawable pitch - 100% 
Facade systems - 86%
Stained glass - 95%
Lifts and escalators - 90%
Electricity supply system - 73% 
Heat supply systems - 76%
Fire-fighting systems - 91% 
Air conditioning and refrigeration - 65%
Areas of the primary access control (civil works ) - 80%
Areas of the primary access control (engineering services) - 70%
Engineering systems for the withdrawable pitch - 50%