Sergei Semak: "It doesn't feel good to lose by such a score"

The Zenit boss on the defeat to Austria Vienna.
Sergei Semak: "It doesn't feel good to lose by such a score"
I am grateful to the fans for coming and supporting us. Unfortunately, it did not work out as we wanted for them. Thanks to Austria Vienna for responding to the offer of a friendly and coming to play with us. Talking about the match, we did not look our best. But we learnt about who is in what condition. It doesn't feel good to lose by such a score, but this won't change the standings. We will prepare for the next official match and play better. 

How important is the result in this match? Can it have a negative impact on the team psychology? 

I do not think that it can psychologically effect the team. Of course, it is unpleasant to lose. But I think that it will not be reflected in any way.

How is Daler Kuzyaev, who was injured in the game for Russia? And can you share your thoughts on the young players we saw today?

As for Daler, he has injured his knee. The injury is not the easiest to deal with and he has returned to us. The question for how long he will be out will be answered in the coming days. As for the young players, I communicate with Radimov. Those players who deserve a chance to play for the first team will get it. I liked Mostovoy overall, I know more about some and some less. I will follow them and select the players so that they feel the atmosphere of the first team and the stadium. 

Why doesn't Anton Zabolotny score?

He is not right mentally. He had chances and has had skill from birth, some have better technical elements than him and he needs to work on that. He helps the team as much as he can. Like everyone else, he is a player for our team and together we are going for a common goal. 

On the young players from Zenit-2, will they stay with you or return due to tomorrow's match in the FNL? 

They will fly to Moscow today. Tomorrow they have the match with Khimki and they will take part in that. How much time they get depends on the decision of the Zenit-2 head coach. Maybe Ilya Skrobotov will find it a little more difficult, but as for the rest, then 20–30 minutes is not a problem for them. 

Tell us about the players who were not here today.

Mammana has not trained for medical reasons. I hope he will start again next week. Marchisio and Yerokhin are having treatment. Ivanovic started training a bit later than the others due to medical reasons. Azmoun was given a rest because he did not have it during the winter break. 

We heard about a friendly match with Barcelona at a meeting between the presidents of the clubs, have they discussed this with you? 

I don't know about this information. You need to ask our directors. 

But would you like that? 

Naturally, who does not want to see Messi live?