Sergei Semak: "We know who we want and where to go"

The Zenit boss on victory over Tambov and the club's transfer activity.
Sergei Semak: "We know who we want and where to go"

It was a difficult game, in the first half, we weren’t sharp in attack. In the second we quickly scored two goals, but conceded in the middle of the half. We are trying to give match practice to those who have not yet had enough, like Barrios. 

Why did you put Zhirkov on the left of midfielder, and Driussi on the right? And did Douglas Santos and Zhirkov play together? 

I liked how Zhirkov and Douglas interacted, both are in good shape. As for Driussi, it is difficult to say in the first half, he moved well in the centre, but our quality in attack does not depend on him alone. In the second half, we slightly changed our formation. 

How did Erokhin play, as he has been recovering from an injury for a long time? 

Erokhin is gaining form. He’s not yet in perfect shape. He needs to play and as much as possible and I want to say that last season he did a lot for the team and he continues to do so at present. 

Did Anyukov consult you before leaving for Kylia Sovetov? This was a surprise for many.

Of course, we spoke. If you want to play, then you need to play and he wants to play. Congratulations to him for a successful debut there and getting the win. I am sure he will do well in Samara. That team usually play once a week and there is enough time for him to recover. If he wants to continue his playing career, then I'm happy for him. We are talking about one season and he has the ability and the want to play, he should s much as possible. 

Sutormin made his debut in the first team. How did you think he played?

He has recently joined the team and we have spoken about his position. Naturally, it is not so easy to immediately join in, but I am pleased with the way he trains and his effort. I do not doubt his quality. Sutormin will add something different to our tactical options and formations

Today, there was no Zabolotny in the squad, but he appeared on Friday on the PFL website. Will he now play for the second team? 

He is already training with the second team and the club is looking for a new club for him. Everything is being dealt with by his representatives and the club and I want this issue to be resolved as quickly as possible, with the least possible inconvenience for him and for the club. He trains well, this is a football player who could do well for many RPL clubs. I want him to play as much as possible in the Russian Premier Liga. 

What about Kranevitter and Noboa? What is their future?

Christian is with the first team squad this season and trains with the team, at this stage, that's all. If there are changes, we will say. Noboa trains for each match and when he is needed, he will play. As for Kranevitter, the club are looking at transfers options for him and he has not been included in the list of players eligible for the RPL. 

There is a feeling that Zenit lacks a passing midfielder. Are you looking for someone in this position? 

We are taking small steps forward. We all know that we have a very large number of players on contracts at the club. We must first reduce the number of players, then strengthen the position that we need players in. We have a lot of work to do. If it is possible to sign a better player than we have, we will. We know who we want and where to go, but the process is not going as fast as we would like.

What can you say about the opportunities for young players to play, such as Musaev, Prokhin and Mostovoy? 

Musaev was in the squad for the game and he trains with the team. As for Prokhin and Mostovoy, we will see. It will depend on how quickly we can settle the squad we will have for the rest of the season. We have to see who we will sign and who will leave.