Sergei Semak: "This was a game we had to win"

Sergei Semak on the draw with Akhmat Grozny.
Sergei Semak: "This was a game we had to win"

We cannot be happy with that and we did not win at home. This was a game we had to win. But to win you have to score goals and as many as possible, but we shouldn’t be upset after the match. Akhmat played with just 10 men and defended their goal well. There were chances, although not many and unfortunately, we did not score. We will comeback for the next game. 

Two net goals were ruled out. Have you watched the replays? Are there any questions about the refereeing?

We need to look at this again and the refereeing committee will also look at them. It’s clear that I was not happy and the fans have expressed their opinion after the match. But those involved in refereeing will understand. We are thinking about our game and I think it’s clear that Rigoni’s goal was fine and there was no offside. The first chance too, I think, the was scored correctly. Sardar and Artem Dzyuba also had scoring chances, but, unfortunately, we did not take them. 

Zenit played very well, but it seemed that they overplayed the ball in the final third. Was this a general tactics error or just for this match?

This happened in this match especially. We were without Driussi, who has been very useful in all our recent matches and can make real dangerous passes. Today there was not enough accurate passes. Akhmat played quite well and did not allow us to create much. I want us to be better, but today was what it was.

We’ve been writing for a month that Rigoni is leaving. Today he started so will he stay?

I don't know what has been written. Rigoni is part of the team and he plays. That's all I can say. 

Can you explain what happened with Rakitsky at the end of the match? There’s reports he was shown a red.

I can’t say, I’ll find out, but I don’t know about any second card.