Sergei Semak: "Lyon are a well-balanced team with great potential"

The Zenit boss on the upcoming game in France.
Sergei Semak: "Lyon are a well-balanced team with great potential"
Who has flown here and who has not? We know that Drussi is back, but what about Malcom?

Druissi has played yes. Everyone has flown, except for Malcolm. We hope that he will be back to first team training soon.

This is Lyon's manager's first Champions League game, can you use this to your advantage

It is impossible to use this completely. Everyone has to start somewhere and I don’t think there are many pros or cons. Their team is good, young and are playing at home. Everyone wants to win their home games.

How do you feel being back in France? And Lyon haven't been in the best of form.

I'm always glad to return to France. As for Lyon, they've only played a few matches so far so its too early to talk about this. I think, Lyon will only go up the Franch table.

What do you know about Lyon?

They are a very young team and since last season they have brought in several players, someone for lots of money. There are some experienced players who have done well in recent years. They are a well-balanced team with great potential.

Lyon like to score from distance, could this be a problem for Zenit, given the goal conceded against Arsenal Tula and others last season?

 A shot from 16 meters can hardly be called long-range. As for long-range strikes, first of all, you need players who can shot from distance, and Lyon do have those players. We need to allow as few shots on goal as possible.

Karavaev was called up by Russia instead of Smolnikov. What do you think of the pair and could Karavaev start?

There is a chance. They are two good players in one position and competition is good. Karavaev needs to adapt to the team and learn our game. The better player will play. Both have their own pros and cons..