Fan Promenade programme before the match against Ural

We invite you to the pre-match programme before Saturday’s match at the Gazprom Arena.

Fan Promenade programme before the match against Ural

Pelmeni festival at the Central staircase of the Winline section C, at 1pm

Pelmeni festival will be part of the pre-match Fan Promenade programme. The guests will be offered deep-fried traditional Russian dumplings stuffed with ground meat with four sauces to choose from, garlic, cheese, BBQ and ajika.

Those who arrive at the Gazprom Arena before 2pm will get up to 50% off of food at the kiosks located around the stadium (except for Chistaya Liniya) by showing the QR-code of the club loyalty card in the Zenit app.

Tosya Chaikina’s concert

The main stage, at 2:20pm

The Russian singer and composer Tosya Chaikina will be performing at the main stage inside the stadium before the match. She is ambitious and is not afraid of experimenting, her music is filled with feelings and emotional vocals.

Tosya Chaikina’s music can be heard in multiple movies and TV series, and one of the songs made in collaboration with Markul has been in top music charts since 2022.

Andrey Mostovoy Meet&Greet

Second floor of the central hall of the Winline section C

The Zenit midfielder will be signing cards and taking selfies with guests from 2pm until 2:45pm at the organized space located on the second floor of the Winline section C.

If you want to secure your place in line to meet Andrey, we advise you to come earlier!

The sports zone

Third floor, outside of the sections C and B

The guests will get a chance to play some sports games like inflatable darts, football 1x1, football tennis and a few other.

The photo zone

Second floor of the Winline section C

The photo zones on the second floor of the Winline section C have been improved and the Gazprom Arena visitors will be able to use professional equipment to take awesome Zenit-themed pictures for the social platforms.

The Winline Zone

Third floor of the central hall of the Winline section C

The supporters who want to spice the game up will be able to participate in the prize draws from the club partner Winline. One of the prizes to win is Winline Seats located right in the center of the stadium.

E-sports space

Third floor of the Winline section C, sector C113

The E-sports space has been upgraded and anyone is welcome there to play the e-football game that everyone knows and loves.

Talk show in the Gazprombank lecture hall with Pavel Pogrebnyak as a special guest

Third floor of the section B, sector B107, at 1:45pm

Pavel Pogrebnyak will speak to Aleksey Petrovskiy about the 15th anniversary of the UEFA Super Cup win and recall the brightest memories from that victorious day in Monaco. He will also be answering the fans’ questions.

Everyone who would like to take photos with Pavel Pogrebnyak or get his autograph will be able to do it after the talk show.

Come to the Gazprombank lecture hall to participate in the discussion and win special prizes related to the bank’s 33rd birthday!

The UEFA Super Cup display and the photo gallery

Third floor of the Rossiya section B, sector B107, at 1pm

The UEFA Super Cup will be displayed in the Gazprombank lecture hall, as well as a special photo gallery that captures the greatest moments from the iconic Zenit win.

AR-photo zone from Gazprombank

Third floor of the central hall, section C

The AR-photo zone loved by fans of all ages will be open in the space organized by Gazprombank located on the third floor of the central hall. Everyone will get an opportunity to create a cool animated video with one of the first team players.

Fan hair and makeup points

Third floor inside the stadium

The fans are welcome to pay a visit to the hair and makeup points organized by Gazprombank to add blue-white-sky blue colors to their hair and faces!

Gazprombank for kids

Third floor, sector B111

Gazprombank for kids will host interesting games that involve logic and quick thinking for our young fans. By participating in these little challenges the youngsters will learn new information about finances in a fun way.

Chess at the Gazprom Arena

Third floor of the Gazprombank section A, sector A104

The St. Petersburg chess confederation will organize a chess space for those who love the game! Everyone who would like to play chess or learn how to do it before the match is welcome there!

Tours around the Gazprom Arena for kids

Third floor of the Winline section C, inside the stadium. The tours will approximately start at 1:25pm, 1:40pm, 2pm, 2:15pm

During the tour the young fans will learn more about their favorite stadium and take pictures in the most beautiful spots of the Arena. Recommended age for the tour is 3 and older. One group can be up to 20 people (10 kids and one adult to accompany their child). The tours start when there are enough people in the group. The registration for the tours is at the special point located inside the stadium, Winline section C.


The match against Ural will take place at the Gazprom Arena on Saturday, 26 August and kick off at 3pm St. Petersburg time. The Fan Promenade and the stadium will start welcoming guests two hours before the game, at 1pm.

Tickets are available here.