Sirl is leaving Zenit

Zenit and the Czech halfback have signed an agreement whereby the player’s current contract is considered void.


Radek Sirl was born on March 20, 1981, in the Czech city of Rudna. He began his career in the local club, also named Rudna. He then transferred to the modest and little-known Admira Slavoj, where he played until 2000. Being one of the best players in the modest club, Sirl moved on the Prague club Bohemians. Here he played for two and-a-half seasons and featured regularly in the team’s starting side.

In 2002 Sirl attracted Zenit’s eye. For some time Sirl moved between Zenit’s main team and its reserve team. Each year Radek played both for the reserve and for the main side, and played in many Russian Cup games. When Dick Advocaat came to the club, Radek became a stable player in the team’s main side. Together with Riksen the two formed the foreign duet in the center of the field for Zenit. At the beginning of the 2007 season Advocaat faced a tough decision: Konstantin Zyryanov and Anatoly Timoshuk came to the club, and thus Advocaat had to either choose between players or overfill the center of the field. Whatever the case, Radek Sirl became a consistent starter by the end of the season, and also scored the winning goal in the middle of the first half of Zenit’s last match of the Premier League season against Saturn. In 2008 he began playing as a left halfback, covering the whole flank during matches. Sirl also played for the Czech national team.

Radek Sirl played about 200 games for Zenit, and won the full set of awards in the Russian Premier League, as well as the Russian Cup, the Russian Super Cup and the Premier League Cup. Moreover, Sirl won the UEFA Cup and the UEFA Super Cup with Zenit.

We thank Radek Sirl for his play, his passion, his love and dedication to Zenit, and wish him success in his further career and in life!