Tickets for Anderlecht – Zenit in Brussels to go on sale

Tickets to Zenit’s first match of the Europe League 2010/11 group stage against Anderlecht in Brussels, Belgium, will be sold in three stages.

The ticket sales offices at Petrvosky Stadium will start selling tickets to the match to Zenit season ticket holders from September 11th. The ticket cost is 1,700 rubles (43 euros). Please note that one season-ticket holder can buy one ticket. Sales of tickets to season-ticket holders will be done though September 13 .
Any tickets remaining after the first stage will be sold to Zenit fans who don’t have season tickets upon showing their passport. These sales will start from September 14th.

Zenit fans located or living in Europe much apply to buy tickets by e-mail before September 12 at the address, and follow additional information on our web-site. The application should include the buyer’s full name, passport number, and a telephone number. Tickets reserved in this way will be sold in Brussels until September 15th.

The Belgian Embassy in Russia reminds fans that the Kingdom of Belgium adopted a law in December, 1998, preventing unlawful conduct at football matches. In accordance with article 24 of this law, persons who commit acts during Belgian League matches or international matches such as throwing any objects, running onto the field, improper behavior, or the use of any type of fireworks are subject to punishment in the form of a fine ranging from 250 to 5,000 euros. The Belgian government reserves the right to send a letter to the Ministry of Foreign of Belgium about the cancellation of the Schengen visa for a term of from half a year to two years for football fans who break this law.