A 300th “Zenit-Fan” is found!

A 300th young Zenit fan participating in the competition "In one team with Zenit" will come onto the field with a Zenit player at the Tom match.

While the Zenit players warm up for their match with Tom at the main arena at Petrovsky Stadium, young players will be practicing their entrance onto the field at the reserve arena. The children’s team will enter Petrovsky in its own Zenit-Fan football uniform, on which one can see the symbol of the children’s fan-movement - a cute lion.

To become one of the 11 lucky ones from 6 to 10 years old who accompany Zenit onto the field, send us your application at our e-mail address of zenitfan@fc-zenit.ru. Please send a photograph of your child in Zenit colors, and include the child’s height (no greater than 130 cm), as well as a short description about why he or she likes Zenit. Please include mom or dad’s phone number. Zenit-Fan children get free tickets to football matches for themselves and their parents, as well as a t-shirt as a gift, and, most importantly, the chance to come with a Zenit player hand-in-hand onto the field before the match.

The following children will accompany Zenit players onto the field at Zenit’s match with Tom:
1. Sasha Vinogradova
2. Volodya Romanov
3. Vanya Gerasimov
4. Sasha Tibilov
5. Dima Panfilov
6. Alexey Supryadkin
7. Irina Podlesnykh
8. Sasha Malinovskaya
9. Kristina Spirina
10. Andrey Klyukhin
11. Vova Mankov