Yury Zhevnov: Zenit won professionally

The blue-white-light blue goalkeeper, who had a shutout in today’s match, his debut in the Russian Premier League at Petrovsky Stadium, says that Zenit won thanks to its superior class.

– You’ve had many debuts this year already, but this was your first match in the Russian Premier League played at Petrovsky Stadium. What were your impressions?
– I don’t think there’s much difference whether I debut in the Russian Cup or the Premier League. In any case the stadium is full, and the fans support the team in the same way. So I didn’t feel anything unusual.

– Tom couldn’t get a shot on goal for a long time. Is it easier or harder for the goalkeeper to keep himself ready in such a situation?
– That’s a good thing, since it shows that our team is defending well. Our defenders forced Tom to take poor shots. So it’s good. I didn’t have any problems in either the first or the second half.

– What exactly happened with the goal that wasn’t counted for Tom, in your opinion?
– Actually, I really don‘t know, but judging by the way the players discussed that episode in the locker room, it seems like Kharitonov, who took the shot, was offside. The ball hit the crossbar after the ricochet. Probably the sideline referee noticed that Kharitonov was offside… That’s the only way that I can explain it.

– There was an episode when you went far outside the penalty box and lost the ball. That was a real risk. What happened?
– Why was it a risk? It wasn’t the first time that Anyukov sent a throw-in back to me. I just didn’t trap the ball very well. I wanted to set up a long kick downfield, but it didn’t work out the way I had planned it, and the opponent covered me. I think there was a dangerous play there, but it’s good that they didn’t count the goal. But I don’t deny that I made a mistake there.

– How fair was the result of today’s match?
– I think Zenit deserved to win. Tom had a couple of dangerous opportunities, but our chances were better.

– How did Zenit get the upper hand?
Tom played quite physically and compactly in the midfield, but Zenit still managed to escape the Tom defense.

How did that happen?
– Probably the Zenit players have more class if they were able to win the individual battles and escape the Tom pressure.

– Next you have a match with Anderlecht. Obviously you’re going to be in goal. That’s another debut for you. What do you think, can Zenit start well in the Europa League?
– I think we can, why not? In any case, we expect to do well, and are hoping for the best. – During today’s match the tv commentator said that you get a lot of fun out of playing. Is he right, and do you always have fun out on the pitch? – It’s probably clearer to other people than it is to me. All I can say is that I felt comfortable all day today, and I was really happy to play in the starting side.