Nicolas Lombaerts: “I told the coach a lot”

At the press conference before the match with Anderlecht the Zenit fullback admitted that he’s not ready to be a spy for Belgium, but that he’s required to spy for the blue-white-light blues.

It’s always pleasant to come back to Belgium and play here. I know some of the players from Anderlecht, they have a good team here, the best in Belgium right now. They didn’t qualify for the Champions League unfortunately... But anyway, well meet with them on the pitch. As for spying… I’m not a spy, and I think there was an Anderlecht scout at our last match, and he saw everything. I can only say something to our coach.

– And what did you say?
– I said a lot. It would take a long time to give the whole list: from the way they arrange their players on the field to the quality of the players. I also gave precise information about some of their combinations and corner kick tactics.

– What does the team think about the upcoming match?
– The same as always. This is a cup match on the European level, so it's a very important match.

– What feelings do you yourself have?
– Well, of course it’s sad that we’re not playing in the Champions League. But now we’re in the Europa League, and we’ll try and get as far as we can in that tournament.

– Does it mean anything that you are from Bruges, a city which is historically a rival of Anderlecht?
– Ya, I’m from Bruges, but I played for Ghent, a team that Bruges hates. So there isn't a confrontation.