Without Bukharov, but with Denisov

A charter flight with the team on board departed for Brussels, where the team will play in its first match in the group stage of the Europa League 2010/11 tomorrow.


Luciano Spalletti, the head trainer of the blue-white-light blues, took the following footballers with him to the match against Anderlecht:

1. Borodin
2. Zhevnov
3. Zaitsev
4. Alves
5. Krizanac
6. Lukovic
7. Lombaerts
8. Meira
9. Shirokov
10. Huszti
11. Zyryanov
12. Fayzulin
13. Semak
14. Ionov
15. Denisov
16. Lazovic
17. Danny
18. Bystrov
19. Kannunikov
20. Kerzhakov

The company’s charter flight should arrive in Brussels about noon, local time.