Konstantin Zyryanov: It was an even match

The Zenit halfback, who led the blue-white-light blues onto the field in the captain"s armband, shared his impressions of the team’s victory in Belgium.

– I wouldn’t say that we easily outplayed Anderlecht, – said Konstantin Zyryanov. – The match was even. But we’ve got Sasha Kerzhakov, and they didn"t have any footballer like him.

– Did the team get tired in the second half, or just slow down the temp? Was that a tactical idea?
– We had a three goal lead, and played the match out to its end in the second half. We played the way the situation allowed us to.

– How did you like being the captain?
– We have a captain – Sasha Anyukov. Everybody knows that. Sasha Malafeev is the vice-captain. I got the call this time, that’s why I was the captain.