Zenit’s first squad arrived in Grozny

A total of seventeen players flew to the Chechen capital, where Luciano Spalletti"s side will play another match in the Rossgostrakh Russian Premier League.


Another two players joined the team after Zenit-Y"s victory – the striker Maxim Kanunnikov, and the goalie Andrey Zaitsev.

The complete list of players who can take part in Zenit's match with Terek is as follows:

1. Vyacheslav Malafeev
2. Dmitry Borodin
3. Andrey Zaitsev
4. Alexander Anyukov
5. Tomas Hubocan
6. Nicolas Lombaerts
7. Aleksandr Lukovic
8. Bruno Alves
9. Ivica Krizanac
10. Igor Denisov
11. Konstantin Zyryanov
12. Vladimir Bystrov
13. Viktor Fayzulin
14. Alexey Ionov
15. Miguel Danny
16. Sergey Semak
17. Danko Lazovic
18. Alexander Kerzhakov
19. Maxim Kanunnikov