Danko Lazovic: “That point might be really important”

The Serbian forward, who came on as a substitute in Grozny, created quite a few scoring chances, admitted after the match that a tie was a fair result of the match.

– I think we can be satisfied with getting a point from the match, – said Lazovic. – Points don`t come easy to anyone in Grozny. As for my play, I think it was affected by too many things: it`s hard for me to play on artificial turf, and we had much less time to get ready for this match. Moreover, we played really hard in Brussels. So I`m satisfied with our result from this match.
– You came on in this match as a substitute, where one goal could have decided everything. Was it hard to get into the match? – It wasn`t hard to come onto the field, but it was very hard to play. But at least we didn`t give up a goal. Of course, we didn`t score either… But we got one point, and who knows, maybe that point will be the deciding one for the championship?