Fans’ anthem becomes official club anthem

At today's presentation of the film “Our name is “Zenit”, the authors of the words to the Zenit fans’ anthem signed a gift deed donating the rights to the song text to FC Zenit.

We, the first fans of Zenit who have supported our home team at all stadiums of our country and the world for the last thirty years;

We, the fans who first came together under the flag of Zenit St. Petersburg in sector 33 of the S.M. Kirov Stadium, and who have traveled throughout our country and halfway around the world to support our team;

We, the founders of the first-ever organized fan brotherhood in Russia, who have supported both our team and each other for all thirty years;

We, who together wrote the words to the Zenit fans` anthem, and who have saved these words for these thirty years,

Give forevermore, without charge, as a gift to our favorite, our only football club, Zenit, the text of the Zenit fans` anthem, and the complete and exclusive rights to it, to be used at all Zenit matches and events in any city and country, where it will defend the blue-white-light blue colors and the honor of our home city team, Zenit St. Petersburg.

We are sure that the goals and tasks set in the text of the anthem will be fulfilled.

We are sure that our anthem will always unite all Zenit fans of all generations in its original form.

We are sure that the best of the best in our country and outside it will gather under the words of the anthem, under the blue-white-light blue flags,” – is written in the gift deed, ceremonially signed by the Zenit fans’ anthem today.

- We hope that now the anthem that we sing, those words which today were given to the club, will become the real anthem of our great Zenit,” – underlined Vadim Pankov, the head of the Fan Coordination Committee of Zenit. – This is a very important, historical event for our fan movement.