Anatoly Davydov: “Most important is to have competition”

The head coach of Zenit`s youth team explained how the blue-white-light blues are preparing for the match with Saturn-M, which will take place at the Small Arena at Petrovsky Stadium.

- The team has a lot of emotion right now, and that`s good, - says Anatoly Davydov. - In the last game the team played pretty well, especially in the first half. All the players did well, including the ones who came on as substitutes and those who I wasn`t so satisfied with before. Right now we`re training and getting ready for the match like usual. The most important thing is movement in the team, and competition.

- Igor Cheminava, Alexey Ionov and Roland Gigolaev all missed the last match...
- They were all disqualified, that`s why they didn`t play. They can all play on Friday though. Presently we have two players missing due to injury: Aslan Dudiev and Basel Abdulfattakh.

- How are they recovering?
- Dudiev was given an operation on his tonsils, and now he`s recovering. Basel Abdulfattakh hasn`t practiced since the beginning of September, after playing for the national team. He decided to get treatment himself. I`m going to talk to him soon.