Alexander Anyukov: “It just wasn`t Saturn`s day”

Zenit`s captain had yet another excellent match. Anyukov wasn`t guilty for the only goal scored in Zenit`s net. That said, Alexander wasn`t overly happy about the easy win. There is a very tough match coming up on Thursday against AEK Athens. The players have to save their emotions and strength, said Anyukov.

– Were you, being the team`s captain, satisfied with the level that Zenit showed today? It`s not very often that the team scores six goals.

– A big win is always a positive result. We got three points, and that`s what`s most important.

– But we can`t say that Zenit didn`t make any mistakes in the match. It`s enough to remember how they scored on us. Did Luciano Spalletti talk about this episode at halftime?

– No. Thankfully, that episode didn`t have any influence on the final match result. Sometimes accidents happen in football, and I think that was one of them. The players just didn`t understand one another. There`s no point in the coach paying a lot of attention to these mistakes, because the players themselves know what the mistake was, and won`t do it again.

– Can we say that Saturn isn`t a team that can cause any problems for Zenit?

– Never. They have an excellent team, with strong, experienced footballers. But today just wasn`t their day. I`m sure they`ll come back well in their next game. There aren`t any weak teams in the premier league, and every team tries twice as hard against Zenit.

– Many people were surprised that when Zenit was leading 3:1 after the first half, the team didn`t try to keep that score, as often happens, but instead continued to play at full steam, without slowing down. Was that the plan for the second half?

– No, we just scored right away after the half, so why not score some more? Everything was working for us, and in those cases it`s better not to hold one`s self back. The guys all wanted to score, to make the fans happy with beautiful football.

– Your next match is with AEK in the Europa League. Are you afraid that the team scored all the goals it can against Saturn, and that now you`ll have to wait a long time to score again?

– No, we`re not superstitious like that. We`ve already forgotten our last match with the Greeks too. We`ve closed that page in history, and now we have to make a new page. We have enough strength and emption for the match with AEK. We`re going to try and show beautiful football again.