Bruno Alves: "Now I`m on the other side"

The Zenit defender, who used to play for AEK, spoke about his former partners and the mood today as part of the traditional pre-match press conference.

– We know our opponent for this match very well. They won their first match in the League, just like we did. But we need to focus on our preparation for the match, and respect our opponent.

– Do you remember playing in AEK`s match against Zenit 6 years ago?

– Of course I do. Zenit was a very strong team already at that point. Unfortuntately my team didn`t have a good result that night. I remember that it was cold and dark. But now I`m on the other side, and I`m sure that we`ll do everything possible to win.

– Have you spoken with the AEK players who you used to play with? Did you tell anything to your current coach about your former team?

There are only three players left in AEK from the time I was there. But it`s difficult and incorrect to say anything about them now. The team`s organization has changed a lot. I wouldn`t like to make any evaluations of them now.